Over the past 20 years Patrick Sanders has excelled in all types of development from web development to desktop software development. Patrick Sanders has developed in many different languages and on many different platforms. The technologies Patrick Sanders has mastered include HTML, DHTML, HTML5, PHP, Cold Fusion, MySQL, MS SQL, C#, VB.NET, Web Services, Visual […]

Wade Brooks is a professional Internet Marketing Consultant specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Surrey, BC Canada. Specifically in organic search engine rankings. Wade Brooks has been a professional SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialist for the past 16 years, in providing website marketing suggestions for many small to medium size businesses

Sarah Lawrence is a search engine optimization specialist, entrepreneur, and dot com boom and bust survivor who has guided the development of more than 600 websites. Sarah Lawrence has also sold scores of products and services online. Over the past 9 years, Sarah Lawrence has helped numerous clients – both big and small – create, […]

Donna Chalmers, is a New York, New York based SEO Expert with over 9 years of Google experience . You found us, so if you are looking for an SEO Expert, it looks like she passed step #1. We think you will find Daisy Howarth refreshingly different from other SEO Experts (in New York or […]

As an Sr. SEO Expert from Florida for over 11 years (Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and South Florida) for local, regional and national companies, David McCallum had the pleasure of working directly or white label through ad agencies as a Senior SEO Specialist covering a diverse range of industries, including luxury real estate, vacation homes, grocery […]

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Sebastian Goldberg is an SEO Specialist with a 15 year track record as a search engine optimization (SEO) theorist Sebastian Goldberg is a leading voice in the field of organic search engine optimization science throughout Canada, USA, EU and Asia =.

You need a partner you need Shannon Blitzer. With over 13 years of experience as an executive for various technology firms, and 8 years of assisting other small businesses succeed online, Shannon Blitzer can help build your online presence. Using your vision, Shannon Blitzer will build your website or blog to perfection, and show you […]