Social Media Awareness Package – We Built Our Reputation On This Package And So Can You!

Good for small to medium sites looking to improve their search engine visibility.

This package is our most popular and is targeted at companies who want assured results with the comfort of knowing that they are putting their site in a strong position to deal with competition and grow relevant traffic. You know any business owners that will benefit from being "Popular" on Facebook, Twitter or Google!

If you want maximum impact then select our Social Media Awareness & Growth Package. With our Social Media Awareness & Growth Package, we put our money where our mouth is!

Our Guarantee is straight forward and reads as follows:

 ”EMWServices will secure a minimum of 10,000 Facebook Fans/Likes, 10,00 Twitter Followers, to your existing Facebook & Twitter accounts.  In addition, we will secure a minimum of 10 new Top 10 listings listings in the most popular search engines –  such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing (.com & .ca, .fr, .de) – for phrases you want to be found under, within 120 days after the optimization of your site or we refund 100% of the portion of your package used for Social Media & SEO, Guaranteed.”